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كلمة قنصل لبنان في هاليفكس المهندس وديع فارس ذكرى استقلال لبنان في هاليفكس-نوفا سكوشيا 22/تشرين الث

Dear friends,

This has been a very successful year for our community with big achievements on many fronts.

AND I do want to stop and reflect on two very important milestones, which undoubtedly will prove to be defining moments in our community’s history:

THE unveiling of the Lebanese Emigrant monuments at the Halifax Waterfront this past September, and

THE proclamation of November of each Year as Lebanese Heritage month by the Province of Nova Scotia. First province to do so in Canada.

These 2 remarkable achievements are the fruits of our hard work, our unity, our love for this great city, and our passion to succeed and give back to this wonderful province.

These achievements are also a testament to the welcoming, open, and tolerant nature of our Canadian society.

Our rich ethnic diversity is a source of pride here;

We are given the opportunity to rise to the top in every sector; our cultural traditions are cherished; our achievements are celebrated.

AND that is why, my friends, we are fortunate and privileged to be citizens of this great nation.

Our diversity is our strength and it is a shining testament to the importance of immigration and the richness that it has brought to our society.

BUT let’s not be naïve and think that we are immune from what is happening around us; we must be prepared and proactive, working together as citizens, community leaders and politicians to prevent the rhetoric of division from creeping into our country and our politics;

BECAUSE at a time where the politics of division is on the rise, and the topic of immigration is being politicized for political gain, I see and meet Canadians from all over the world who love Canada and the Canadian way of life, I know that our immigration story will shines forever.

مبارحة في شخص باعتلي نكتي بتقول: بتمنى وقت اللي بموت تلفّوني بعلم لبنان

تاوقت ل بوصال عند الملايكة، يعرفوا انّي جايي معذّب خالص

صحيح هيدي نكتي ولكن محزنة ومؤلمة

وأنا ما رح قلّكن: " الله يساعد لبنان" ... بدّي قول:" الله يساعد شعب لبنان"

لأنّو الشعب وحدو عم يتعذب

حرام... وكفى

بيقولوا عوامل خارجيّة

وينن من الرجال العظماء اللي وقفوا من 75 سنة وقالوا: لا شرقًا ولا غربًا لبنان أوّلًا

وينوّي الإنتماء؟ وينن من حماية سيادة واستقلال لبنان

أنا كمسؤول بيعزّ عليي كتير احكي ها الحكي

ولكن أهلنا بلبنان حلّن بقا يعيشوا بكرامة وراحة بال

ونحنا بالإغتراب صرنا وحدنا صٍمّام الأمان والضمانة الوحيدة لصمود واستمرارية أهلنا

وما فينا الّا ما نبقى مع بعضنا موحّدين لأنّوما إلنا غير بعضنا

ولأنو وحدتنا هيي نجاحنا .... وحدتنا هيي خلاص أهلنا ووطنّا

God Bless you! Long Live Canada!

عاش لبنان

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