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Palestinian Travel Document

Palestinian Travel Documents CAN NOT be renewed.

Applications for new Palestinian Travel Documents will be sent to Lebanon by diplomatic pouch and returned in the same way.

Getting a new Palestinian Travel Document will take at least three months from the date of submission of the application.


A DHL service is available for a quicker process. Please check the link below:

For more information call the Consulate Office  at 902-700 6768


New Palestinian Travel Document-


  1. Call for an appointment to complete the form including the signature and fingerprint of the applicant at the Consulate in front of the Consular Officer.

  2. The following documents are requested to be attached to the form:

    1. Palestinian blue ID card

    2. A copy of a birth certificate.

    3. UNRWA refugee card

    4. Actual travel document

    5. 2 photos (3.5x4.3cm))

    6. Valid Canadian Document showing the status of the applicant in Canada (PR/VISA/Study or work permit)


  • $45 CDN in cash.

  • Money order payable to the Embassy of Lebanon:

    • $72 CDN for one year valid travel document

    • $216 CDN for three year valid travel document

    • $360 CDN for five year valid travel document

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