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Halifax International French School

French International School
assisted by the AEFE
opening in Halifax in September 2024!
بدعم ومواكبة من القنصلية اللبنانية في هاليفكس، تعلن إدارة ل
Lycée International Français الفرنسية عن فتح فرع لها في مدينة
هاليفكس وبدء التسجيل للعام الدراسي 2024-2025
The first step toward a bright future.

Because the first years of school are a true milestone for children and parents, our team is devoted to taking care of and adapting to everyone’s needs and abilities.

The LIFPA offers the official curricula of France and a smooth transition from one system to the other!

A path of excellence
  • a bilingual, multicultural & inclusive environment

  • a curriculum that follows the natural development of the child & fosters autonomy

  • a teaching method structured around active project learning from the age of 5

  • individual expression developed through language, physical activities & arts

  • certified teachers & educators, for a maximum of 22 children per class

Specific Scholarships

Thanks to a partnership between the Lebanese Consulate in Halifax and Don Bosco Halifax, Lebanese families will get a 20% discount for all registrations for the school year.

Become a host family

Few experiences can spark interest and opportunities in the world: opening up your home to an international student is one of them! Being a host family with the LIFPA is a fulfilling and educational experience for the whole family, and a unique way to create long lasting connections.​

WHO CAN HOST? Everyone!

As long as you are willing to open your home and heart to an unforgettable experience, and believe you can offer our students:
• an individual room and an internet access
• nutritious meals and snacks*
• an access to a bus line and/or reasonable drives to school & activities
Our team will propose you several profiles like to be a good match!
*note that school day lunches are provided by the LIFPA

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