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The Lebanese Film Festival is coming to Halifax!

Culture is a wide window that reflects the history and spiritual world of nation. Film is a very powerful tool, it can reach a wide audience that includes people from various ages, genders, social classes and nationalities. Not similar to any other medium or tool, a film creates a sense of immediate involvement and interaction. The Lebanese Film Festival in Canada comes out of the womb of the urgent need to introduce a unique aspect of Lebanese culture to a Canadian audience, and hence, shorten the distances between the two cultures and empower the arts.

In 2017 the inaugural Lebanese Film Festival in Canada screened over a dozen movies in Montreal and Ottawa, as well as held a screening March 2018 in Vancouver. The purpose of the festival is to introduce Lebanese cinema and filmmakers to Canadian audiences. Our goal is to reach both moviegoers and professional filmmakers that live in Canada, regardless of their nationality. Thus, creating a forum of interaction through film and strengthening the link between Lebanese and Canadian filmmakers. The Halifax program will run from May 6-8, 2018 and will consist of films by Lebanese or Canadian filmmakers, in different film genres: feature films, short films, documentary films and animation.

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