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Lebanese Heritage Month 2019

كلمة سعادة قنصل لبنان المهندس وديع فارس

بمناسبة رفع علم لبنان وبدء شهر التراث اللبناني

هاليفكس-نوفا سكوشيا

November 1, 2019

I would like to start by thanking our government for recognizing the contributions of our community to this wonderful province and for declaring November as Lebanese Heritage Month.

It is a great honor and a privilege. We are humbled and appreciative of this recognition.

As we raise our flag to commemorate the second annual Lebanese Heritage Month, it would be remiss of me not to touch on what has been transpiring in Lebanon recently.

This flag that we have raised here today, has united the Lebanese people from across the country to demand real and meaningful reform.

What we have witnessed over the last two weeks throughout the nation, is astounding and unusual, not only in Lebanon but the entire Middle East;

Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese protesting peacefully and demanding change to the current political, economic & social system.

This past Sunday they formed a human chain, they joined hands, from the South to the North of the country, a 170 km chain, as part of a unique mobilization across sectarian lines to symbolize newfound national unity.

Anyone who understands the dynamics and complexity of the situation in our region, is fully aware of the magnitude of what is transpiring in Lebanon. Our people demonstrated loudly that what unites us runs far deeper than what divides us, and this flag is and will always be at the heart of this unity.

بها المناسبة

منحيي أهلنا اللي توحدوا بانتفاضة نوعية وغير مسبوقة بتاريخ لبنان تا يطالبوا بحقّن

بحقّ العيش الكريم وبأبسط حقوق الإنسان

منحيي فخامة رئيس الجمهورية العماد ميشال عون

ومنّاشد كل المسؤولين الحريصين عا مصلحة لبنان

إنّو يلتفوا حول فخامة الرئيس تا نقدر نوصّل وطنّا لشاطىء الخلاص وننهي معاناة أهلنا وشعبنا

منحيّي جيشنا المدافع والحامي والسهران

منحيي كل لبناني مؤمن وشريف...مقيم ومنتشر

بحيّيكن جميعًا أيها الأحبة

انا بفتخر وبعتزّ انّو ارفع علم وطنّا الحبيب معكن

God bless our beautiful province and our great nation, Canada!

عشتم وعاش لبنان

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